Relax with Arisia

A date and a location for the Relaxacon in 2021 has not been set.

What: A Weekend-Long Get-Away
Who: All Arisia Corporate Members, Staff, Volunteers & Program Participants and Friends


  • Hanging out in the Con Den (with shared meals - a cross between a Con Suite and a Staff Den)
  • Games
  • Movies (perhaps a marathon viewing session or a trip to the local drive-in?)
  • Swimming (ocean, pools (indoor and outdoor) and Jacuzzis), Child play area, beach, jogging
  • Explore the Cape, geo-caching, local trips & hikes & other sights
  • Whale watch, nearby shopping, restaurants
  • Free Wifi Access
  • and of course SMOFing!

You must have a hotel room, there is NO “crash space”.

The MBTA will be running trains to Hyannis on weekends starting Memorial Day (no traffic delays on the bridge) There probably will be an Arisian available to pick folks up at the station and there are buses from there that go further down the Cape..

Leaves Boston's South Station at 5:50pm on Friday and leaves Hyannis on Saturday and Sunday at 6:40pm. Tickets are $22 one-way or $40 round trip. There is a bar car on the train for snacks and drinks.

If you have any questions, please email

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